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View, Measure & Act

Making decisions is easy when all the information is right in front of you.

  • View your project with 10 times the resolution of google earth.
  • Measure with 1,000 time more data point than traditional surveys.
  • Survey 10 times faster.

Take action from the office or on site.

Civil Tracker Laptop User Interface

Save Time and Money

Achieve 100% ROI the first time you use Civil Tracker.







How it Works

Civil Tracker turns pictures from your affordable drone into accurate maps and terrain models. Allowing everyone to become a virtual surveyor. Dig a little deeper and learn about how it all works.


Calculate Volumes


Make Measurements

Improve Safety

Improve Safety


Regular drone flights optimize compaction operations and satisfy reporting requirements for your waste management site.

Exclusion Area Material Types


Validated quantity tracking creates certainty for all parties and improves execution.

Material Identification and Quantity Calculation


Maintain your mine model by integrating all your data with our Single Source of Truth database technology.

Single Source of Truth Database

Leverage our Experience

With our professional survey background we coach and support our clients with all aspects of starting a drone program. Including everything from hardware selection to their first flights. We know that new technology can be intimidating and we’ve got your back.

Site Setup

GCP as a Service gets it right the first time.

Ground Control Point


In person or remote training.

Pilot Flying


We believe in service not touch tone menus.

Phone Support

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