Progress monitoring for earthworks projects

Accurate and transparent data processing with CivilTracker eliminates uncertainty.
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Uncover the Volume Reporting Gap

There is a lot happening on an earthworks project, and keeping track can be arduous. The best way to monitor progress is to detect where change has occurred and only measure what matters.

That’s the power of responsive progress monitoring


Take Control of Your Project

Civil Tracker’s quantity tracking and progress monitoring solution provide insights with speed and accuracy. It enables you to make data-driven decisions that help you stay on time and on budget.

Progress reports that reveal the true story.



Regular drone flights optimize compaction operations and satisfy regulatory reporting requirements for your waste management site

Exclusion Area Material Types


Validated quantity tracking creates certainty for all parties and improves execution.

Material Identification and Quantity Calculation


Maintain your mine model by integrating all your data with our Single Source of Truth database technology.

Single Source of Truth Database

We know how challenging earthworks projects are because we are conventional surveyors by trade. With high equipment costs, high risk and tight profit margins, the stakes are high. The difference between success and failure can be razor-thin with Project Managers constantly feeling like they’re behind the 8-ball.

Knowledge is not just power in an earthworks project, it is mission-critical. But, having access to truly accurate and transparent quantity and progress monitoring data has proven elusive.

Until now.

Civil Tracker’s groundbreaking technology solutions provide you with the insights you need to manage your project more effectively and efficiently.

With Civil Tracker you get:

  • Improved project detail via the most comprehensive set of data points in the industry;
  • Exceptional accuracy and transparency with real-time materials volume changes information;
  • Incredibly fast transformation between data collection and insights to guide decision making.

It’s time to truly know what is happening on your site.