Need More Precision From Your Drone Map?

Start Surveying Accurately with GCP as a Service

From Mapping to Surveying Supercharge Your Drone

  • Survey grade: Achieve 1″ (2cm) accuracy on your Ground Control Points.
  • Simple to operate: No apps, connections or download.
  • Save: 90% to 99% lower costs.

Whether you’re at a construction site, landfill, mill or plant site; Ground Control Points as a Service will improve operations.

Order Your GCP as a Service Kit

Contact us to order your complete GCP as a Service Kit for only $380 USD for a week + Shipping.

Survey Grade Drone Mapping in 3 Simple Steps


Installing a Permanent Ground Control Point

Install GCPs


Surveying a Permanent Ground Control Point

Use GCP-as-a-Service


Fly Your Mavic Mini

Fly Your Drone